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1.Privacy Policy

1.1 The user is obliged to supply all information requested by BahrainSMS. The aforesaid information shall be kept confidential, complete and accurate. In this regard, the user undertakes to notify BahrainSMS at the earliest and in writing of any change relating to such information.

1.2 All information given by the user is for identification and verification purposes only unless otherwise agreed by the parties. BahrainSMS will not disclose or use any information submitted by the user for any purpose other than that for which the user is using the Service.

1.3 BahrainSMS shall protect the user's information using the same standard of care that it applies to safeguard its own confidential information and that the information shall be stored in such a way as to prevent any unauthorized disclosure thereof.


2.1 We may without notice change, modify or withdraw access to this Site, or the content of these pages at any time.